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Organizing & Productivity Coach

Hi there! I'm Caroline, a.k.a. The Swedish Organizer. My passion is to help creative entrepreneurs get their ducks in a row and finish what they start, so they can work less, play more, and have time for what matters.

2024-04 Creating Space by The Swedish Organizer - Measure of Success
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[The Swedish Organizer] Creating Space, Vol, 2: What's Your True Measure of Success? ✨

Creating Space · April 2024 · Vol. 2 Why Your Ideal Life Pace is a True Measure of Success Welcome How Do We Best Measure Success? I’m an island girl by heart. Every time I’m on an island somewhere – whether its O’ahu, New Providence, Puerto Rico, or even Iceland – I feel infinitely comfortable. There’s something about it that draws me back. You’d think it’d be the climate, but no. Iceland wouldn’t be included in the grouping if it was… There’s just something about the lifestyle that suites...

about 1 month ago • 8 min read
Creating Space Newsletter | The Swedish Organizer

Creating Space · March 2024 · Vol. 1 Why Anchoring is an Important Concept in Goal-Setting & Productivity Reminder Are Newsletters Dead? That's the question I struggled with as a I considered whether or not to pull the trigger on this new venture - my new Creating Space monthly newsletter. You see, in the content creation industry, we've been told over and over again that "newsletters don't work" because they're "too broad." They contain "too many links" to click, spell out "too many CTAs" in...

about 2 months ago • 12 min read

Aloha Reader, How well did Q1 treat you and your business? Sure, it's a loaded question, but it's one worth answering. If you're not sure how to reply, I can reveal the answer I'm looking for: "Amazing, Caroline - I can't believe all the wonderful progress that happened!" If that answer came to mind - Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Well done, indeed. If you hesitated, that's OK. Sometimes "amazing" isn't the first answer that comes to mind. There could be a variety of reasons for...

2 months ago • 2 min read
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