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Creating Space · March 2024 · Vol. 1

Why Anchoring is an Important Concept in Goal-Setting & Productivity


Are Newsletters Dead?

That's the question I struggled with as a I considered whether or not to pull the trigger on this new venture - my new Creating Space monthly newsletter.

You see, in the content creation industry, we've been told over and over again that "newsletters don't work" because they're "too broad." They contain "too many links" to click, spell out "too many CTAs" in one place, and they're just "too boring." Sure, all those things can be true, but I don't believe it has to be that way.

So why this new direction? Well, there's just so much happening every month that I want to share. That adds up to a lot of emails. Too many, in fact. Not only is it taxing on me to put together and send out, but so many of the clients I work with regularly struggle with inbox nightmares. I'm talking "143,739 unread emails" and counting. I don't want to add to that problem.

My job as an organizer is to simplify. For you, for me, for all of us.

As such, I'm giving newsletters another try. For real, this time.

I may send occasional email blasts every now and then, especially if something is time-sensitive, but for the most part, you can expect one newsletter from me per month.

I've aptly named it Creating Space because that's always the goal. In my programs. During all our coaching calls. With this newsletter.

What I want for you is more space in your life and business to enjoy free time on your calendar - with no distractions! I want you to have more space in your home for the things that matter, without clutter. I also want you to have space in your mind and soul to really unleash creativity, and that comes naturally when you have less to manage.

This is one step in that direction.

Let's see how it goes.

🌈 Aloha from Hawaii,

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February 2024 Productivity Report

Why Anchoring is an Important Concept in Goal-Setting and Productivity

After the whirlwind that was the beginning of the year, February was actually very quiet. I spent all of my time at home in Chicago, recharging in solitude for most of the month. It felt very grounding to have that much time at home, just to hang out. I loved it… and probably needed it after all the recent travel.

My home in Chicago works like an anchor for me. It’s the place I come back to in order to reset. It’s incredibly important for me to have a place like that because it’s how I stay balanced. I refer to that as having a “basecamping” type of lifestyle (contrasted to “vagabond” type of digital nomad who is constantly on the move). It essentially means that I have that one permanent place to call “home,” despite enjoying a traveling lifestyle the rest of the time. It fits me perfectly, and I prefer it that way.

This lifestyle also aligns with this month’s takeaway, which you can read about in the full blog post here...or if you prefer, you can watch the recap over on YouTube:

In this video, I:
→ share why anchoring is such an important concept in goal-setting

→ show you how I like to think about my goals

→ explain what stats I focus on and how I track progress

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My to-do list was full of projects that sat for weeks, months... a long time, and weren't getting done. The lightbulb moment was when I realized they didn't belong on that list at all.
Tara Whitaker, The Modern Editor Podcast, on her experience in Mindful Monday Mapping.

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Want to draw a straight line between yourself and your goals?

Then implement a reflection routine.

It’s by far one of the simplest and most powerful things you can do for yourself in order to create a more aligned life and business.

This was the topic of my recent conversation with Melissa Snow from Powerful Women Rising. The episode is now available on YouTube.

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Our mission: To create more space in both your life and business, so that you can leverage your time, work less, and enjoy the lifestyle freedom you deserve.

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